5 Ways to Quit Smoking in 2017

5 Ways to Quit Smoking in 2017

There is no such thing as a simple way to quit a smoking habit, but there are ways to ease the urge to smoke and help you get on the road toward a nicotine-free life. No matter why you first took up cigarettes, you deserve the chance to regain control of your life and get back to the things you love most. Smokers are caught in an invisible box, forced to work their entire schedule around smoke breaks. While it will be a struggle at first, quitting will feel better, and easier, every single day you go without another cigarette. For this reason, the time to quit is now so you can face 2017 addiction-free.

Electronic Cigarettes

Since their introduction to the market in 2003, electronic cigarettes have taken the world by storm and become a part of daily culture. These devices are now more common than traditional cigarettes, particularly among young adults who take advantage of nicotine-free options. Millions of smokers chose to utilise this option to help them quit, and now you can make that choice, too.

Traditional cigarettes have more than 7,000 chemicals, at least 70 of which have been proven to be carcinogenic. Electronic cigarettes have only a few chemicals, each of which are safer to consume. In addition, you no longer need to find an ashtray wherever you go, or even smoke outside. Due to the fact that these produce vapor and not ash, you can smoke them inside without causing discomfort to others. Finally, there are various nicotine level options available with e-liquid, so you can safely wean yourself off of nicotine, without the health risks.


Going cold turkey can be bad for your health, cause a number of withdrawal symptoms, and you are more likely to start back up again, only worse. Rather than cutting traditional cigarettes out of your life completely, simply set yourself a series of goals and stick to them. For example, pack-a-day smokers can choose to start out limiting themselves to just half a pack a day for a week. Then, move on to five each day, then three, and then one. Your body will gradually grow used to the reduction, and you will be able to quit more effectively.


If all else failed you in the past, try a pill or a patch. There are a wide range of products on the market designed to help you quit by satisfying the chemical cravings for nicotine, or by physically stopping the chemistry in your brain designed to make you want it in the first place. Take the time to speak with your doctor about what over-the-counter or prescription medication might be best for you.

Build a Network

One of the best ways to get yourself started on the right track is to build a network of support around yourself. Give yourself rewards when you reach a goal, such as a visit to your favourite museum, or a particularly delectable dessert. Find someone who will work to keep you on track, such as a close friend, family member, or even a coworker. Humans, by nature, thrive when surrounded by positive figures who celebrate success. For this reason, you should seek out at least one person to be on your side of things from start to finish.


One of the biggest reasons people quit smoking has to do with family. For example, you may have a new child on the way, and smoking may become a health risk to more than just you. Infants are directly harmed by their mother smoking during pregnancy, and indirectly harmed via second and third-hand smoking after birth. The latter can also be said of fathers who smoke. Whatever reason has you considering a change, you must make it as soon as possible for yourself and the people you love.

Taking the First Step

As with anything, taking the first step is the most important thing, whether that is taking up vaping, sticking on a patch, or trying one of the other ways to quit above. Remember, you are starting towards living a healthier life.

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