Cough, Cough... Do You Have a Sore Throat After Vaping?

Cough, Cough... Do You Have a Sore Throat After Vaping?

Some vapers find they get a sore throat after vaping – why? There are actually quite a few reasons that could explain why you sometimes get a cough or a sore throat from vaping, which is understandably frustrating. After all, you probably switched to e-cigs because they’re better for your health, so it’s surely quite disappointing to find out that the device that’s meant to be better for you gives you a negative physical effect.

Propylene Glycerol - To Blame for Your Dry Throat?

This is very interesting for many vapers, most of whom are ex-smokers. When you smoke, your body increases the production of saliva to protect the epithelial cells in your mouth from the heat of the smoke. But when you’re vaping, because you aren’t inhaling smoke but rather a propylene glycerol solution containing nicotine, your body isn’t releasing saliva like it does when you’re smoking, hence the dry throat.

Too Much Nicotine – Try a Milder E-Liquid

If you’re inhaling too much nicotine, chances are you’ll not only feel lightheaded and perhaps a little nauseous, but also experience a dry throat and cough when you inhale. E-liquids come in different nicotine strengths – X2 Cigs's entire range is available in four different strengths – so you may like to try a milder nicotine strength to find one that’s more to your liking. A mild e-liquid can be just as pleasurable to vape.

Vaping Technique – Slow and Measured

Vaping is actually very different from smoking, despite the similar actions – holding it in one hand, and inhaling and exhaling, just like you would do with a cigarette. The problem is that many people who are new to vaping don’t realise that there’s a very different technique involved. If you usually take a long deep draw on a cigarette, the same action with an e-cig will likely give you quite a kick in the back of the throat.

To get a satisfying nicotine hit that doesn’t give you that harsh throat kick, take a slow, measured draw for two or three seconds, inhale and then release the vapour.

Dehydration – Don’t Dry Out

Dehydration is often a problem for people who are new to vaping. However, even experienced vapers may find they get a dry throat from time to time which can be sore, and they may even develop a cough. PG (Propylene Glycerol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) are often blamed for this, but it’s also important to think about how much water you consume and whether you’re actually drinking enough water on a daily basis.

If you’re not drinking two litres of water every day – eight regular sized glasses – chances are this is what’s causing your dry, sore throat and giving you a cough.

One more thing to consider – your e-liquid. If you’re vaping a poor quality e-juice, this could be the cause of your problems. X2 Cigs e-liquids are premium quality, they’re a great mix of PG, VG and quality ingredients, and they offer first-rate value for money.