E-Cigarettes and Pregnancy – Some Facts You Should Know

E-Cigarettes and Pregnancy – Some Facts You Should Know

We all know just how bad tobacco cigarettes are for human health and the extremely dangerous effects they have on pregnant women and their unborn children, but what about e-cigarettes? Although e-cigarettes don’t contain the 4,000 noxious chemicals that tobacco cigarettes do, they still contain nicotine, a drug that medical authorities warn can have potentially negative effects on pregnant women and unborn children.

What does this mean for women who vape and are trying to get pregnant? That’s a very good question, one for which it will be years before an answer can be factually given because research into the effects of vaping is still in its infancy stages.

However, research into the effects of nicotine and how it specifically affects pregnant women and their unborn children has been conducted for many years now. Although the findings are as of yet inconclusive, there is evidence that exposure to high doses of nicotine can have unintended effects on animals. As a result, it’s a safe bet to assume that nicotine can also have negative effects on unborn children as well.

Here are some of the negative effects that many medical professionals – these include many high profile medical experts – believe nicotine may have on pregnant women and their unborn children.

  • Nicotine can have negative effects on the placenta’s blood cells and tissue
  • Premature separation of the placenta could cause perinatal complications
  • Nicotine can cause complications with the child’s cognitive development
  • Nicotine causes increased blood pressure which may result in complications

As a result, it’s advisable for pregnant women to steer clear of nicotine in any form, especially tobacco cigarettes which are extremely dangerous to their health and their child’s development.

What About As a Cessation Device?

E-cigarettes have proven to be excellent cessation devices for smokers looking to quit their habit, but what about pregnant women, can they use e-cigarettes to quit smoking? That’s another great question, one that will surely be met with quite a bit of controversy. And understandably so.

Obviously, it would be best for a pregnant woman to quit smoking and not consume any nicotine at all when she’s pregnant, but as most of us know well, that’s easier said than done – smoking is a difficult habit to quit at the best of times, even when you’ve got every reason in the world to give up. Like the health of your unborn child.

If you’re using e-cigarettes as a cessation device, here are a few important points.

  • Set a strict timeframe in which you’ll regularly reduce your nicotine intake
  • When ordering e-liquids, place an order for the lighter nicotine strengths
  • Be aware that the nicotine in e-cigs may affect your unborn child adversely
  • Understand that it’s better to quit smoking cold turkey than switch to e-cigs

The last two points are not to be taken lightly – nicotine is dangerous for pregnant women and you should make every attempt to quit all forms of nicotine intake ASAP, preferably within the first trimester, which is the first three months of your pregnancy.