The Top 10 Best E-Liquid Flavours for 2018

The Top 10 Best E-Liquid Flavours for 2018

We all love to vape and we all have our own particular favourites when it comes to flavour. However, if you are new to vaping, or just want to try something different to your normal flavour of choice, then here we have our predictions for the best e-juice flavours in 2017. We have based the results on previous sales, online chatter, new trends and our own personal experiences.

Do you agree or disagree with our top 2017 e-liquid list? Have we missed out your favourite flavour that you know is guaranteed to be a popular e-liquid in 2018? Let us know in the comments below.

1. Minty Menthol E-liquid

Give your senses a jolt and boost your mind with the Menthol E-liquid. Made using premium ingredients, the menthol e-liquid is an ideal choice for menthol aficionados. It doesn’t produce any smoke or leave any lingering odour behind, thus allowing you to savour the flavour of menthol without any hassle.

2. Tobacco RY4 E-Liquid

The Tobacco Ry4 E-liquid flavour is the perfect choice for people who want a solid dose of tobacco. It’s lightened by a gentle tinge of caramel, and creates one of the best flavours that you will find in the market. For those who are looking for a direct alternative to cigarette smoking, the Tobacco RY4 E-liquid is the best choice.

3. Berry Blueberry E-Liquid

The blueberry E-liquid is a fresh and full-bodied flavour, that’s going to feel as if the berries were picked just this morning. It’s a bit light, making it perfect for those who are into casual vaping and want a flavour that’s ideal for every season. It’s an all-round favourite for many people!

4. Green Apple E-Liquid

Who doesn’t like green apple e-liquid? A fantastic flavour that mixes a bit of sourness in your vape is an ideal choice for people who want something distinctive. The flavour is quite crisp, and is available throughout the year, so you can enjoy the taste of green apples the year round.

5. Classic Cola E-Liquid

A unique offering, the fine Cola flavour is ideal for those who are fans of the famous taste of cola. A little bit of aniseed is mixed into the e-liquid in order to make the taste as distinctive, and as unique, as possible. The flavour is going to linger on your palate for a little while afterwards, thus ensuring an amazing experience every time you start vaping. A fantastic choice all around.

6. Apple E-liquid

For those who want to play it safe, and want a decent flavour that’s consistent every time you put the e-cigarette to your mouth, the Apple e-liquid is the ideal choice. It’s got a subtle aftertaste that’s going to remain in your mouth for at least half an hour after you have put the e-cig down.

7. Sweet Vanilla E-liquid

Well, who doesn’t like vanilla? Made from premium e-liquids, this one has a smooth vanilla texture that’s ideal for people who want a light, sweet, and smooth flavour. It’s bound to tantalise your taste buds and is widely regarded as a must try for every vaping enthusiast.

8. Rich Tobacco E-Liquid

For those who want a rich dose of tobacco every time they smoke, this flavour is a good choice. If you are trying to cut down on your smoking habits, it doesn’t mean that you have to completely get rid of the amazing flavour of tobacco altogether. The Rich Tobacco e-liquid provides a quality blend of tobacco, without including any of the hundreds of chemicals that you would find in a conventional cigarette.

9. Cappuccino E-Liquid

Put your senses into first gear with the cappuccino e-liquid. It provides a rich, satisfying experience that you won’t find in any other e-cigarette. The e-cigarette is made from the best quality materials, and is produced under very strong quality control guidelines, in order to ensure that you get the best vaping experience.

10. Energy Drink E-Liquid

Looking for a solid boost of flavour or a gentle pick-me-up? The X2 Energy E-liquid is one of the most popular flavours today, and is the perfect way to recharge your batteries during the day and pick you up. It’s just like the popular energy drink that so many people love to drink, but instead, you get to vape it!

We believe these will be the top 10 e-juice flavours of 2017. However, if you have any other suggestions, or ideas, about new flavours that you think might succeed in this field, let us know! For avid vapers, these are the top 10 flavours that you absolutely have to try.

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