The Top 5 Health Benefits of Stopping Smoking in 2017

The Top 5 Health Benefits of Stopping Smoking in 2017

There’s no time like the present to stop smoking, so why not make 2017 your year to quit? While it’s never easy to give up cigarettes, today there are many tools that can help you. You don’t have to quit cold turkey. Instead, you can make use of patches, gums, and even switch to an electronic cigarette. Vaping can give you all of the social benefits of smoking, but with the option to slowly drop your nicotine content until you’re no longer inhaling anything negative. If you’re wondering why you should stop smoking, here are the top five health benefits you could look forward to in 2017.

Your Senses Will Improve

One thing you’ll notice after you stop smoking is that your senses seem sharper. Most people aren’t surprised by the fact that their taste and smell increase. Constantly having cigarette smoke near your nose and your mouth leaves a lingering taste and scent. However, many people are shocked to find that their hearing and vision also improves. That’s because smoking damages a number of different parts of the body, including blood circulation, in addition to the smoke getting into your eyes and your ears.

Once you put aside the cigarettes, all of your senses will start to sharpen. You may especially notice a difference in your night vision.

Your Risk of Heart Attack Decreases

Smokers are much more likely to have a heart attack, or develop other types of coronary diseases, than non-smokers. However, your chance of heart attack drops almost immediately once you stop smoking. Experts say that in as little as two weeks your risk of heart attack has dropped. A year later, your risk of heart disease has dropped by 50%.  The longer you go without smoking, the healthier your heart will be. Five years later, and your risk of stroke has dropped back to the same level as someone who doesn’t smoke.

Your Risk of Cancer Drops Dramatically

While your risk of cancer doesn’t decrease quite as quickly as your chance of a heart attack, those who stop smoking are at less risk of dying from cancer. Five years after you stop smoking your risk of throat, mouth, and esophagus cancer, will have dropped by 50%. Ten years after you stop, your risk of lung, bladder, larynx, kidney, pancreas, and cervical cancer, all drop to half of what a smoker’s risk is. This can literally add years to your life, and all it takes is to walk away from your cigarettes.

Reduction in Health Premiums

OK, this is not exactly a health benefit, but it is a benefit you can get by not smoking and leading a healthier life.

Any insurance provider is going to look at your medical reports before extending an insurance policy. As you already know, cigarette smoking is pretty harmful to your health. If you are an avid smoker, insurance companies are going to put you down as a health risk, and thus, charge a higher premium.

Smoking cigarettes will basically mean that you will have to pay a much higher premium for your health insurance. However, if you aren’t a regular smoker, the risk of problems associated to regular smoking decreases. As a result, companies will give you a quote for a much lower premium. It may not seem like much, but when compounded on a yearly basis, you will realize that there’s a massive difference in your monthly payments.

If you need more monetary reasons then see how the rising costs of smoking traditional cigarettes might affect you.

You Won’t Be as Sick

Do you seem to be sick more than your friends and co-workers? The cigarettes could be to blame. The harmful substances found in cigarette smoke can damage your immune system. Specifically, nicotine and tar can damage your body’s ability to fight off bacteria and viruses. When you stop smoking your immune system will return to normal, so you won’t be as sick as you once were.

Ready to Quit Today?

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