X2's Breakdown of the Most Popular E-Liquid Flavours

X2's Breakdown of the Most Popular E-Liquid Flavours

Reading e-liquid reviews is a great way to find out what other vapers are vaping and discover new and exciting flavours that you mightn’t ordinarily be inclined to try. At X2 Cigs, we present a comprehensive range of e-liquid flavours, all of which are premium quality and have been produced using the finest natural ingredients and a fantastic PG/VG mix to deliver an outstanding vaping experience each and every time.

So, what are our most popular e-liquid flavours? Like most studies and surveys have shown, the most popular e-liquids are fruit flavours, followed by tobacco flavours, with bakery/dessert flavours close behind. Beverage flavours are also very popular, with e-liquid flavours such as coffee, cappuccino and whisky among the favourites.

Fruit Flavours

We offer an outstanding selection of fruit flavoured e-liquids, including apple and green apple, banana, black cherry and cherry, blueberry, and coconut. All of these e-liquid flavours has proven a hit with customers, however, our most popular fruit flavours are blueberry and green apple.
Our blueberry e-liquid is a full-bodied e-juice, delivering a great vape bursting with fresh fruit flavours that are perfect for any season. It’s fantastic on its own, however, some vapers like to mix it up with other seasonal fruits for a fruity blast in a vape.

Crisper than our apple e-liquid, yet still very juicy and delivering a slightly sour twist that leaves a distinct apple aftertaste, our green apple e-liquid is hands-down one of our trendiest e-juices. As many customers have commented, it tastes so fresh you could be forgiven for thinking it was made from apples picked straight from the tree.

Tobacco Flavours

Our broad range of tobacco flavours has something to offer everyone, from those with a taste for rolling tobacco – our Virginia e-liquid tastes just like a roll-up – to our Turkish tobacco blend with its fresh Latakia notes and our rich tobacco blend. This popular e-liquid tastes just like a premium grade tobacco, so it’s perfect for vapers who’ve quit smoking but still crave the timeless taste of a full flavoured cigarette.
Our most popular tobacco e-liquid, however, is our tobacco RYE e-liquid. This is a premium quality rich tobacco flavoured e-liquid mellowed with a hint of caramel that delivers a superbly satisfying vape, with a great tobacco flavour and a sweet twist.

Dessert Flavours

At present we offer just the one dessert e-liquid flavour, our Vanilla e-liquid, which is one of our most popular flavours of all. With its smooth and rich flavour that leaves a delightfully distinctive vanilla aftertaste, there’s little wonder as to why this dessert delight in a vape has proven so popular among our customers.
Moreover, as vanilla is such a mixable flavour, it’s a great choice for combining with other e-liquid flavours, like coffee, cinnamon or even our cask aged whisky flavour e-liquid. Combining e-liquids is totally safe and it’s amazing the flavour combinations that some vapers have come up with. Try it for yourself today and we’re sure you’ll agree that it delivers a fantastic vaping experience!