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Terms Of Use

Before enjoying the X2 Cigs website, please make sure to have read the following Terms and Conditions. Anybody that visits this website are subject to the following terms and conditions and additional applicable law. If you disagree with or unable to follow any of these terms and conditions should not use this site.

X2 Cigs Terms of Use

Section 1: General Conditions/Applicability

The following conditions apply to any deliveries of goods purchased from and all contracts agreed upon with X2 Cigs. In addition, X2 Cigs has the right to modify or alter these conditions at any time. Any user of the website or customer who purchases products distributed by X2 Cigs accepts all rights and commitments as stated on this website.

In the event that a customer refers to his General Conditions, those said conditions are not relevant without previous consent by X2 Cigs. 

Section 2: Agreements

Any consumer purchasing products from X2 Cigs or visitor of the site agrees they are at least 18 years of age or older. This agreement is deemed completed at the time of purchase. If no authentic signature is provided over electronic means of communication, this does not alter the fact that the purchaser is bound to the agreement. As far as permitted by law, the electronic files owned by X2 Cigs are legitimate and proof of this agreement.

Section 3: Prices

Any prices listed on X2Cigs.com may be altered at any time and the purchaser will be assumed liable for any import obligations, charges, and taxes. Please note that the listed prices on X2Cigs.com do not include shipping expenses unless otherwise stated.

Section 4: Payment

At X2 Cigs, we can ensure you that we do not retain your credit card information and purchases can be made via PayPal, bank transfer, or by a major credit card.

Section 5: Deliveries & Terms of Delivery

While X2 Cigs strives to deliver all orders in a quickly manner, the terms of delivery stated on the website should not be interpreted as final. In cases where orders are made for items that are out of stock, the purchaser will be informed of the delay by email or telephone.

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to provide the correct billing and shipping address(es) at the completion of a purchase and, therefore, shipping and delivery shall be made at the risk of the customer. Please note that X2 Cigs will not be held liable for restrictions due to local/nationwide legislation. Please also note that X2 Cigs will not be held accountable for damage or loss to purchased merchandise from the website at the time of delivery, nor will we be responsible for packages that are detained by other parties.

Section 6: Refunds & Returns

If for some reason the consumer is not fully satisfied with their ordered item, the buyer has the opportunity to cancel the existing contract with X2 Cigs within 7 business days following delivery of the order. This cancellation must be written by the consumer (via email) and the items in question must be returned to X2 Cigs promptly. X2 Cigs retains the right to refuse goods which are returned or to refund a partial amount of the total purchase if X2 Cigs suspects that the purchased merchandise has been tampered with in any way.

Section 7: Guarantee & Responsibility

X2 Cigs is not responsible for damages incurred on purpose or caused due to serious fault, or which comes into being as a result of circumstances that by law are automatically at the risk of X2 Cigs. We will also not be held accountable for consecutive damages, trade damage, indirect or turnover damage, or loss of benefit.

Section 8: Product Use

Any products made and distributed by X2 Cigs are by no means intended to be used as a smoking cessation product or as an alternative to tobacco smoking for health benefits. If the purchaser does not wish to have nicotine in their products, nicotine-free options are available. It is not recommended for pregnant women or those who have other medical concerns to consume nicotine in any amount.

Section 9: Personal Details

Please refer to X2 Cigs’s Privacy Policy for more information regarding how personal information is utilized on this website.

Section 10: Warranty & Return

If you have received a faulty item that has been purchased from X2 Cigs, please do not hesitate to email us so that we may assist you as soon as possible: sales@x2cigs.com. Please note that the guarantees stated on this website are purely intended for faulty goods without exception. Disposable products purchased from this website are not provided with a warranty. 

Section 11: Copyright

The [TRADEMARK] or any of the subsidiaries and affiliates of X2 Cigs provide the information on this site and all of its components. This information is accessible by any user provided that user has agreed to the terms and conditions, the privacy policy, as well as any other relevant terms and conditions, policies and notices which may be applicable to this site.

For the purpose of placing an order with X2 Cigs, electronic and hard copies are permitted to be printed, granted that the user also agrees not to alter or delete any owned notices from materials downloaded from the X2 Cigs website.

Section 12: Information on the Website

While X2 Cigs will strive to provide its users with the most up-to-date information on the site, neither X2 Cigs nor any third party, data provider, or content provider is permitted to make any representations or warranties, regardless of medium, and is not responsible for any information contained on the website. We (X2 Cigs), reserves the right to change information or discontinue the site and any aspects of the website without notice. Any information found on this site should only be used for informational purposes and should not be taken as advice or be used for trading purposes. X2 Cigs is not responsible for knowing which countries do or do not allow the purchasing of electronic cigarettes or any X2 Cigs products. The user of this site agrees to use at their own risk. Report any errors or omissions found on this site to sales@x2cigs.com.

Section 13: Disclaimer of Liability

X2 Cigs is not responsible for and disclaims all liability for any loss, liability, damage, personal injury or expense of any nature whatsoever which may be suffered by the user of this site or any third party, as a result or which may be attributable to the user’s access to this site, any information on the site, performance of products, the user or third party’s personal information transmitted over the site’s system.