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X2 Discovery Starter Kit

X2 Discovery Starter Kit

X2 Discovery Starter Kit


The Kit Includes:

1 x powerful 900mAh e-cigarette battery
(5 click on/off for powering the device)

1 x high volume 1.6ml clearomizer

1 x 10ml bottle of X2 e-liquid
(Your choice of strength and flavour)

1 x high speed USB charger

1 x USB wall adapter

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*Choose your e-cigarette battery colour, black or stainless steel

*Choose your X2 e-liquid strength and flavour

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If you’ve been searching for an alternative to tobacco cigarettes and have found other nicotine products, such as gum or patches, to be ineffective, you may have been thinking about trying electronic cigarettes. Unlike other products that contain nicotine, e-cigarettes like these are able to replicate a traditional cigarette in terms of inhaling and exhaling. But rather than inhaling and exhaling toxic chemicals and other unknown substances, e-cigarettes are able to deliver nicotine into the user’s system through vapour, which is no more than a mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and flavouring.

If you’ve been looking for a new experience, the X2 Discovery Starter Kit has everything you need to jump into the world of vaping. In addition to a powerful 900mAh battery (available in black or stainless steel), the kit also includes a high volume 1.6ml clearomizer, a USB wall adaptor, high-speed USB charger and one 10ml bottle of X2 e-liquid in your choice of flavour and nicotine strength. An ideal gift for yourself or a loved one!
Customizable, variable voltage. Long lasting power supply
 - Grade A Battery. 5-click switch ON/OFF safety system. Battery Capacity: 900mAh, Size 14x97mm